K.Avett (pronounced "kay uh vet") is a phenomenal recording artist/songwriter whose sound is as authentic and beautiful as they come.  Although categorized as Soul/R&B/Jazz, her interests in other genres have shaped her unique style and helped garner a growing fan base worldwide. In 2018 she was awarded the Indie Soul Grammy Award for outstanding artists by Soul Cafe Radio.  With a smooth and soulful sound as transparent as the lyrics she writes, K.Avett continues to pick up momentum and branch out as the sound of thought-provoking, “feel good” music.


When asked about her future aspirations, she remarks, “Touring and sharing my music around the world, while being able to do this for years to come, and collaborating with a few of my musical idols, ranks high on the list.” K.Avett is on a quest to showcase her growth as a songwriter and producer with her outstanding sophomore album, Lioness. Partnering with production heavyweights Ty Macklin and Jordache V. Grant, the project has officially hit the National Billboard chart for Current R&B Albums Top 100. The album has reached #1 on several UK Soul Charts and received huge praise from soul music lovers across the globe. Reaching the National Billboard for 8 consecutive weeks, she was a Soultracks 2018, best album and best female vocalist nominee.  She pens, "This album touches on several topics and above all, speaks to discovering your truth and embracing your inner strength. Every single one of us has the capacity to reach our greatest potential - in life, love, and finding happiness.  This is the very essence of the 'Lioness' movement."

K.Avett is currently penning material for her upcoming, as yet untitled EP to be released in 2020. 

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